Project Description


Kirsty has been taking photos since childhood and has a passion for capturing moments in time.

The talented photographer, who started her career with local and national newspapers, now works for clients up and down the UK, while also continuing to capture stunning images for glossy magazines worldwide.

“When I first started taking pictures, I used to see everything as a potential photo. Now though I know what angles work best straight away. It is instinctive. When I walk through a room, I almost always know the exact shot I want to capture.” – Kirsty

Kirsty’s background in press photography is at the heart of her success and style.

As well as over two decades of experience in the industry Kirsty, passionate about giving back and supporting the younger generation, is a qualified photography teacher who takes time out to share her photographic expertise with college students.

“Press photography is a whole new way of shooting. Space is valuable in newspapers and magazines. Ink costs money so photos always have to punch, grab a reader’s attention and tell the story.”